Special Election

Thursday, September 6, 2018

DNH Stakeholders-

On Tuesday, September 11th,  we will turn to our voters as we seek a renewal of our voter approved Physical Plant Equipment Levy (PPEL).  We are asking for a renewal of the same $.50/$1000 we've sought in the past.  Please understand we are not asking to raise taxes, but rather renew what we've had for the past 20 years.  For 2018-19, our PPEL will generate just over $140,000 and needs a simple majority vote to pass and be approved for another ten years.  

The amount we receive varies based on the taxable valuations of our properties, and does fluctuate slightly from year to year.  The importance of the PPEL has never been greater with our current State Supplemental Aid allocations.  The revenues generated through our PPEL allow us to allocate dollars to the items noted on the attached timeline while limiting how much we dip into our General Fund.  This is critical.  If we had to use our General Fund dollars to pay for what's noted on the timeline, it would directly impact staffing levels, benefits, etc...  Considering just over 80% of our General Fund flows to  salaries and benefits it's simply the reality we'd be faced with.  What we would experience is typical in every school district should the voter approved PPEL be eliminated, so we are not alone.  

Please see the  attached informational flyer we've created to demonstrate where these dollars have been allocated over the past ten years.  Pay special attention to the informational section in the bottom left corner.  We are encouraging all DNH stakeholders to get out and vote with polling locations open from 12:00p-8:00p at the New Hartford Community Center and Dike Library.  

We have no secrets surrounding what we are asking for next Tuesday, so please stop in, call, or email with clarifying questions.  Thanks everyone.  #rollblue


Justin Stockdale
Dike-New Hartford Community Schools
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P.O. Box D
Dike, IA 50624-0633
Phone: (319) 989-2552 (o)
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Twitter: @stockdalejustin #rollblue