College Courses


Dike-New Hartford is very fortunate to offer a strong collection of College classes to the student body. This movement is very strong currently in Iowa, and with the support of Hawkeye Community College and University of Northern Iowa we are able to offer a wide range of college credit courses.These courses are all considered DUAL ENROLLMENT.


Most of our college courses will be housed out at the Western Outreach Center (WOC). These courses will be shared with other neighboring school districts. (Aplington-Parkersburg, Grundy Center & Gladbrook-Reinbeck) There may be a few classes held at some of our neighboring districts due to instructor availability. These college courses will be held on a trimester schedule which means they will meet on a daily basis for one hour lasting 60 days.


Hawkeye Community College requires all students who want to take college classes meet certain test score requirements to enroll. Students will need to have the following test scores in either test and/or combination between tests in order to enroll. Students who are planning on taking a math class will just need to meet the math requirement.  Some of the other classes will require them to meet either the reading or writing/English scores.





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English- 19 Sentence Skills- 82 Writing- 65
Reading- 19 Reading Skills- 76 Reading- 82
Math- 19 Math Skills- [Elementary Algebra-85] Algebra- 42




All sophomores will take the ACCUPLACER assessment at Hawkeye Community College as part of their ACCUPLACER PROJECT. This generally takes place at the end of January or first part of February. If students do not meet the above requirements they are welcome to retest either at Hawkeye Community College or out at the Western Outreach Center for $5.00 for each test subject (writing, reading, math). In order to retest, students will need to call 296-4014 (HCC) or 824-3085 (Western Outreach Center) to set up an appointment.  Juniors who are planning on attending a 4 year college are encouraged to take the ACT test sometime throughout the school year. Students are able to go online at to register for the ACT test. There are different test dates throughout the school year starting as early as September and as late as June. The ACT is based on junior level curriculum and it may be to the students’ advantage to test later in the school year.




Click on the link to get help in preparing for the ACCUPLACER and the ACT Exam:


ACCUPLACER Preparation



ACT Preparation

ACT Practice